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Beatnik x Student collabs

Here at Beatnik we love to collaborate with local students. What an experience it is to be part of the creative process and inspire projects ranging from photoshoots, short promotional films and events. Here is a snippet of what goes on behind the scenes.


This is a short film made to reveal the raffle winners after our recent event in the spark at Solent Uni. Presented by Darcey (@raylightmedia) and Sam.


Credit to @lukasmon_ @raylightmedia @sophiehumphreyxx on ig

*to clarify the prize is a beatniks gift voucher*

"Having the opportunity to plan this event for Beatnik Emporium was so much fun! The team were so helpful with everything and I would look forward to work with them again!"

-Luca, a Media Production student at Solent Uni


Credit to @annie_darin_life
Annie is fashion student at Solent Uni who is currently doing work based learning at Beatnik. She has provided us with these brilliant photos.
We are pleased to say there are more projects in the works and we welcome them with open arms in the future!